Litigation Department — Cashier

The litigation department is in charge of the City’s debt collection, as well as of the pension fund of the municipality’s personnel, with the exception of the amounts due to the Industrial Services and the district revenue.

Who is concerned?

People who have to pay debts to the City of Lausanne or to the pension fund of the municipality’s personnel.

How to make the payment?

Several payments methods are at your disposal to pay the amount due:

  • Payment at the municipality cashier desk
  • Payment at the police board
  • Through paying-in slip only on Swiss territory.
  • Via e-banking imperatively specifying the case number and the beneficiary (Ville de Lausanne, Caisse communale, CP 5032 – 1002 Lausanne)

Nordring 8
CH - 3030 Bern

IBAN: CH64 0900 0000 1000 0395 7

Useful tip

We highly advise against payment by check, as it includes important charges which remain under your responsibility.

Practical information

The municipality cashier desk centralizes all City’s payments and collections, excepting those of the Industrial Services and the district revenue.

It manages the accounting part of the litigation department.

CCP 10-395-7


Office du contentieux
Service des finances

Place Chauderon 9
1er étage
Case postale 5032
1002 Lausanne  

+41 21 315 43 99

Lundi, mercredi et vendredi: 13h00-16h00

Lundi-vendredi: 09h00-11h30

Bus: tl 18: Port-Franc; tl: Chauderon
Métro: m1: Vigie; m2: Lausanne-Flon
LEB: Chauderon