Legal Departement

The police board is in charge of contraventions repression under municipality competence.

Who is concerned?

People having received an penal fee or a summons from the City of Lausanne.

How to make the payment?

Several payments methods are at your disposal to pay the amount due:

  • Payment at the municipality cashier desk
  • Through paying-in slip only on Swiss territory.
  • Via e-banking imperatively specifying the case number and the beneficiary (Ville de Lausanne, Caisse communale, CP 5032 – 1002 Lausanne)

Nordring 8
CH - 3030 Bern

IBAN: CH64 0900 0000 1000 0395 7

Useful tip

We highly advise against payment by check, as it includes important charges which remain under your responsibility.


Commission de police
Secrétariat municipal

Escaliers du Marché 2
1er étage
Case postale 6904
1002 Lausanne  

+41 21 315 28 00

Téléphone et guichet:

Bus: tl: Riponne-M. Béjart
Métro: m1: Lausanne-Flon; m2: Riponne-M. Béjart
LEB: Lausanne-Flon

Les bureaux ne sont pas accessibles aux personnes à mobilité réduite. Nous vous prions de bien vouloir nous contacter par mail ou téléphone en cas de besoin.