Major players in international sports

The City of Lausanne and its region is home to more than 40 sports federations, the vast majority of which represent the disciplines that stand out at the Olympic Games.

The Olympic Movement is run and administered from Lausanne, also home to various services related to the IOC and most notably to its splendid Museum, the International Council of Arbitration for Sport, Olympic Solidarity and the Centre for Olympic Studies.

We are fortunate enough to have more international sports organisations and federation headquarters than any other region in the world. The City of Lausanne and its region are home to 25 sports federations, the vast majority of which represent disciplines on show at the Olympic Games: gymnastics, cycling, archery, table tennis, fencing, boxing, equestrian sports, rowing and indeed figure skating. These international institutions thus benefit from the geographical proximity of the Olympic institutions and the ease of contact with those in charge of them.

Lausanne is also home to more than 40 international sports organisations, including the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS) and the European office of the World Anti-Doping Agency.

Such a concentration of major players in world sport in our region has a significant impact in terms of economy, tourism and image. A recent study, ordered by the City of Lausanne, the State of Vaud and the IOC, conducted by the International Academy of Sports Science and Technology (AISTS), estimates the spin-off economic benefits of the presence of the international sport federations and organisations on Swiss, Vaud and Lausanne soil. Totalling 2'150 job, this sector generates over 1,07 billions per year, among them 550 millions in the State of Vaud and 250 million only in Lausanne.


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