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Edouard-Marcel Sandoz – Fontaine aux singes

Each of the three monkeys sitting atop this fountain hides a part of its face in illustration of the three precepts of wisdom. The words written below add yet another dimension: "See with only one eye, know how to stay silent, hear with only one ear". In the centre of the fountain, the sundial with its very Swiss motto "always be on time" reinforces the humorous use of the maxims.

L'œuvre dans le parcours


Antoni Tàpies
Mural olìmpico, 1992, Sculpture


Edouard-Marcel Sandoz
Fontaine aux singes, 1934, Sculpture


Edouard-Marcel Sandoz
Faune, 1955, Sculpture

Plan de travail 1 copie 3

Parc du Denantou
côté Ouchy

Quai d' Ouchy
1007 Lausanne