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Antonin Mercié – Guillaume Tell

A French benefactor donated this sculpture to the State of Vaud as a token of thanks for the hospitality offered in 1871 to soldiers in the army of General Bourbaki involved in the Franco-German war. Here in the park where other monuments honour personalities from Switzerland and Lausanne, our national hero is in good company. In front of the Casino de Montbenon, "William Tell's Chapel", offered by the same benefactor, bears similarities to this sculpture.

L'œuvre dans le parcours


Gérald Poussin
Sans titre, 1991, Peinture murale


Antonin Mercié
Guillaume Tell, 1902, Sculpture


André Tommasini
Sans titre, 1976, Sculpture

Plan de travail 1 copie 4

Esplanade de Montbenon
devant l'entrée sud du Palais de Justice

1003 Lausanne