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Casimir Reymond – L'Artisanat et l'Agriculture

A winegrower and a blacksmith have welcomed visitors to the Palais de Beaulieu since 1954, particularly those attending the Comptoir Suisse, a fair which brings town and country together. Celebrating workers on the land and industrial artisans, these two sculptures evoke the preferred style and themes of a Lausanne artist who is also known for his paintings and stained-glass windows.

L'œuvre dans le parcours


Denis Roueche
Champ de bataille, 2017, Installation


Casimir Reymond
L'Artisanat et l'Agriculture, 1954, Sculpture


Jean-Claude Hesselbarth
Sans titre, 1977, Installation

Plan de travail 1 copie

Palais de Beaulieu

Avenue des Bergières  10
1004 Lausanne