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Sabina Lang et Daniel Baumann – Beautiful Steps # 9

The shining whiteness of this staircase makes it very inviting! What fun it would be to climb to the top to contemplate the world. But its impractical steps defy the laws of gravity and thwart our expectations. We clearly recognise a staircase, but only our imagination can climb it. As part of the Vaudoise Art Collection, this is the 9th variant of the installation by the duo of Swiss artists.

L'œuvre dans le parcours


Yves Zbinden et Anne-Hélène Darbellay
Ovoïdes, 1993, Installation


Sabina Lang et Daniel Baumann
Beautiful Steps # 9, 2012, Sculpture


André Ramseyer
Astéroïde, 1957, Sculpture

Plan de travail 1 copie 3

Parc de la Vaudoise

Avenue de Cour 41
1007 Lausanne