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Georges Descombes – Les fontaines de la Louve

Like beacons to guide travellers, these seven rounded bollards glisten with running water and lead passers-by through the strata and history of the site. They retrace the journey of the Louve, a river which today flows underground. The soft layer of moss that covers the stone and the gentle trickling of water stand for the passing of time.

L'œuvre dans le parcours


Sophie Guyot
Überflux, 2013, Installation


Georges Descombes
Les fontaines de la Louve, 1998, Sculpture


Peter Welz
Studies for a movement, 2009, Photographie

Plan de travail 1 copie 4

Place de la Louve / Rue de la Louve / Place Auberjonois

Place de la Louve
1003 Lausanne