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Zaric – Homcheval

Perched on a footbridge leaning against the guardrail, a "man-horse" observes passers-by. A rose in his hand, he seems to be waiting or meditating, as a snail climbs up his left foot. He isn’t alone in the area: a “woman-fox” sits nearby. This revisited menagerie provides surprising and lively company for the residents of the colourful houses.

L'œuvre dans le parcours


Nicolas Pahlisch
Ginkgo, 2013, Installation


Homcheval, 2013, Sculpture


Ignazio Bettua
Uccellini, 2018, Installation

Plan de travail 1 copie 4

Rue du Rôtillon
passerelle de l'îlot B'

1003 Lausanne