7. Castle of Ouchy

When he retires from the IOC, Coubertin founds the Universal Pedagogical Union. Its headquarters is in Lausanne. In September 1926, he organizes at the Castle of Ouchy the first conference on the pedagogical role of the modern Society, which proclaims that each citizen has the «right to sports» and the «right to access of general culture».

© Jacques Straesslé
The Castle of Ouchy

Despite Coubertin’s notoriety, this union is dissolved four years later. Other initiatives have hardly any success, and Coubertin does not get along with the new, «red» municipality, which, in spite of that, creates an impressive program of athletic installations. He resides in a boarding house in Geneva, but his office is still at villa «Mon-Repos». Today the Castle of Ouchy, which dates back to the 19th century, is one of the fantastic hotels of Lausanne and is very close to the Olympic Museum, which was opened on the quay of Ouchy in 1993.