2. The Palace of Rumine

In May 1913, Coubertin organizes in Lausanne a congress of athletic psychology and physiology first envisaged in 1911. This congress, preceded by an annual meeting of the International Olympic Committee (IOC), is recognized as the 5th Olympic Congress.

© Ville de Lausanne
Staircases of the Palace of Rumine

It is organized at the Palace of Rumine, then the headquarters of the University of Lausanne, with whom Coubertin wanted to work closely. Through this meeting, he also wants to get better acquainted with the IOC in Lausanne, in the canton of Vaud and in Switzerland to prepare for future projects.

Today, the Palace of Rumine houses the cantonal university library and many museums served by a monumental staircase. The aula of the university, where the opening ceremony of the congress takes place, is used today by the Grand Council (legislative) of the canton of Vaud.