3. The City Hall of Lausanne

At the beginning of the First World War, Coubertin decides himself to establish the official headquarters of the lOC at Lausanne, Before, the headquarters of the lOC was at Couberun’s residence in Paris.

© Christof Schuerpf
The City Hall

On April 10, 1915, the mayor Paul Maillefer and the Municipality of Lausanne acknowledge this transfer during a small ceremony in the presence of Coubertin and de Blonay, as well as four members of the organizational committee of the congress of 1913. The minutes of the meeting note that the president of the Waldensian government Ernest Chaud apologized and that the president of the Confederation Giuseppe Motta sent a telegram of welcome.

The room of the Municipality used at this time still exists today just like the rest of the building even if the municipal administration has greatly expanded.